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Watch JAWS with Kevin Smith Today!

by Sheri White
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One cool thing about staying at home most of the time these days is how celebrities are including us in all sorts of fun things. Remote concerts, table readings, authors reading from their own works.

Today is Kevin Smith‘s turn, and he has a great one. It’s finally summer, and of course it’s the perfect time to watch THE classic shark movie, JAWS.

Steven Spielberg set the standard for killer shark movies, and not one has measured up since. Although pretty tame by today’s standards, especially to anyone who has grown up on slashers and possession movies, it still thrills and chills. And you may deny it, but next time you’re at the beach, you will get a twinge of what if? when you dip your toes into the cold water.

It has been 45 years since Brody, Hooper, and Quint set out to destroy the shark responsible for eating tourists and putting the town’s crucial summer season in danger. Amblin and Kevin Smith are celebrating Bruce’s birthday (Bruce is the name of the mechanical shark) today and everyone is invited. The watch party begins at 1pm PST, so make sure you are following @ThatKevinSmith and #JawsAtHome. Kevin Smith will be tweeting, and will probably talk about the JAWS spoof he is writing, MOOSE JAWS. Check out Amblin‘s tweet for more information:

While you’re waiting, pop some corn and check out the original trailer as well as some trivia (don’t read the trivia unless you’ve seen the movie before):

Did You Know? Cool Stuff About JAWS



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