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Tusk 2 a Possibility? Maybe, According to Kevin Smith

by Sheri White
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So Kevin Smith came up with a weird idea for a movie a few years ago and actually made that movie, scarring some of us for life. I’m sure he knew Tusk broke our brains and sent us into a prolonged existential crisis, which is probably why he wants to make a sequel. If you saw the movie, as I did, you might wonder what horrors await us in the sequel.

Nothing we think of will live up to what will be inflicted upon us.

Eye bleach, STAT!

It does sound like Kevin wants to bring Justin Long back. I thought Justin did a fantastic job in that part, so this would be at least one good thing about a sequel. Another chance to look like this again for a couple hours:

What the fuck am I watching?

If you want more information, you can watch him talk about it on What’s in the Box?, a Twitch session with Kevin as well as Jason Mewes.

Stay tuned!

Me, after my brother told me to watch Tusk without telling me anything about it before I went in:

I will find you and I will kill you, little brother.

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