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The Horrors of ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’

by William

With workers mainly on shut down due to the Corona Virus many have taken to recreational gameplay. One is the Nintendo Switch simulation video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Little did they now there was much more of a horrifying secret to the game.


Take a look at Camp Crystal Pond. 20 years ago it was a family friendly park. It was all the popular place for families to spend their summer vacation. Then there was the summer he came back…

The villager was spotted one dark night. There was even a ghost spotted down near the ocean shore that dreadful night. They could hear his cute chattering as their bones chattered in fright. He was back- and there would be no survivors!


It was 20 years ago the Museum’s Professor Blathers was able to stop the menacing villager from his blood soaked vengeance. Yet since then he’s come to be a night owl. One who contributes to the society in collecting wildlife preservation. He also hates- BUGS

”He’s come home!”

Mayor Isabelle and Tom Nook advice all residence remain calm and to remain in their homes as they investigate the whereabouts. Take caution during the night!




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