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The Collected (2020) Has Been Announced And Will Continue The Collector Franchise! Major Star Of The Franchise Returns!

by Nick Venom

After an eight-year hiatus, which isn’t as long as a certain series with a fourteen-year gap between installments; The Collector franchise will be revived with its third installment titled The Collected. The Collector was released in 2009 and followed up by its sequel, The Collection in 2012. After a financial bomb with the sequel, the franchise was put on a hiatus with the third installment being postponed, until 2020. The star of the franchise and main protagonist’s actor, Josh Steward, posted on his twitter a poster of the third installment with a caption of “Lock the door” exciting fans. The Collected will, presumably, follow after the events of The Collection after Arkin O’Brien (Josh Steward) was able to track down the Collector at his home and traps him in his own box, mirroring a similar event that occurred in the first movie with the Collector slamming the lid on Arkin’s fingers. Arkin ends up slamming the box’s lid on the Collector’s fingers at the end of The Collection.

The Collector is an interesting character as his perception towards humans and insects are far from the norm. He treated human lives as worthless while treating insects kindly and fairly, something that most people don’t tend to do.

The Collector’s origin story begins when his father goes crazy, due to the chemicals he inhaled from the factory that he worked at, and killed all but one of his family during Thanksgiving. The survivor grew up to become the psychopath that we know as the Collector, who mimicked his father’s actions in his killing. One person was always left alive and taken back to Hotel Argento where he would pump the captives with drugs and drive them to an agitated state.

The writers behind Saw IV, V, VI, and VIII as well as the Feast Franchise, Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan reunited to write the first two installments of the franchise with Dunstan returning for the third installment while Melton’s involvement being unconfirmed, as of yet.

If the third installment becomes a major box office success, we can expect more installments in this series, but hopefully not to the point where the franchise is ruined like Friday the 13th or A Nightmare of Elm Street. We can also hope that these writers can breathe new life into a franchise that had remained dormant for eight years. Hopefully, The Collected won’t become the downfall of a potentially thrilling franchise that Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was for the Terminator franchise.

Aside from that The Collected will be happening and the lead star will be returning, much of the information about this installment is still up in the air for anybody to guess.

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