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Syfy Sharknado Marathon coming on April 5th

by EyeRChris
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Grab your wet weather gear, stock up on booze, and make sure your chainsaw is full. For a Sharknado warning is in effect for April 5th, 2020 on the Syfy network. Starting at 8am EST. You can watch all six of the Sharknado films back to back till midnight. With a new film starting every two hours. There is enough silly mayhem to keep you indoors until the storm passes.

The schedule for the marathon (All times in Eastern Standard Time):
8am – Sharknado
10am – Sharknado 2
12pm – Sharknado 3
2pm – Sharknado 4
4pm – Sharknado 5
6pm – Sharknado 6
8pm – Sharknado
10pm – Sharknado 2

So kick back, pour a drink, and lets get day drunk to the hit series that Syfy couldn’t make enough of!

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