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Slasher Radio Updates: Tait Interview, HATCHET, SCREAM 4

by Slasher Radio

We’ve been insanely busy here at Slasher Radio! We tackled a couple of double episode weeks recently and have been cooking up some horror entertainment heaviness that we’ll unleash for you all in the coming weeks.

Since our last update with Javier Botet (Slenderman, The Conjuring 2), we were fortunate enough to have another killer interview for Episode 48 which featured Douglas Tait who scored a role in the 2019 “Hellboy” movie! Tait is most recognized from his scene as Jason in “Freddy vs. Jason” during the film’s finale as he walks away with Freddy’s smirking, decapitated head. His impressive work and experience ties into another recent episode of ours as he scored the villainous role in the new “Unfriended: Dark Web” film. We were able to speak in depths with Tait about the various types of projects he’s played a part in and the transition to new age films like “Unfriended: Dark Web”. Not only is he involved with the highly anticipated 2019 “Hellboy” film, but we learned that Tait is the genius behind the recent Sasquatch character from the Jack Links commercials! Fair warning: don’t mess with Sasquatch!

Episode 50’s topic came straight from the suggestion of a listener, @EyeRChris, who was interested in hearing our thoughts on the “Hatchet” film series. Although “Hatchet” and its main character, Victor Crowley, are well-known among the genre, we were not initially familiar with the entire storyline and development. We caught up on all 3 films and recorded the episode fresh off the murderous marathon. It was refreshing to see OG horror icons like Tony Todd and Robert Englund included in this new age production. Needless to say, with a title like “Hatchet,” it’s only fair to assume these films would be chock full of gory goodness. Living up to its hype, Adam Green delivered an extremely creative and original franchise alongside a truly powerful entity, Victor Crowley, whose larger than life persona is sure to appease any horror film fan.

As you all know, Bonez and I have been known to butt heads when it comes to opinions on anything, especially horror movies. We’ve briefly battled it out about “Scream 4” via social media, so we finally took our debate on air for Episode 51. There’s no doubt that Wes Craven is one of the most creative minds of all time and we’re fortunate to have the fourth and final installment added to the “Scream” franchise under his direction. “Scream 4” retained its main characters and actors with Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox as they all returned to Woodsboro along with their tenacious personalities. The film mimicked some of its earlier scenarios and ideas which made it satisfying for fans of the original 1996 release but also incorporated a modern flair to remain consistent with the progression of time in the series.

Our very first episode in October 2017 featured “Scream” which is unarguably one of the most notable slasher films of all time. Merely a year later, we’re extremely excited to welcome one of the film’s major characters to the show. Next month, we’ll have Dewey himself, David Arquette, on air to dissect his quirky role and experiences with the franchise. We’re incredibly grateful to have made so much progress since our launch and we couldn’t have done it without your continuous support. Stick around..we have so many more demented discussions to share with you!

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