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Slasher Radio Updates: David Arquette, Pinhead, Blair Witch Co-Dir., Halloween holiday

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Slasher Radio had one HELL of an October this year! Fresh off of our ONE YEAR anniversary with our “Tales from the Crypt” episode, we spoke with the 1996 film ” The Blair Witch Project” co-director, Eduardo Sanchez! There’s no denying that “The Blair Witch Project”‘s success made an impact on the genre for years to come. With a minuscule budget and a vision, their team turned the film into a timeless found footage classic. We got some inside info from Sanchez regarding the story, location, and ending of the film which thoroughly satisfied our Burketsville-loving hearts. Push play and take a hike with us down the twisted trail of “The Blair Witch Project” in Episode 55 below:

We boarded the crazy train in Episode 56 as we tackled the infamous Manson family case with the 2004 TV movie, “Helter Skelter”! The accuracy of the portrayals and crime scene settings are what made this film a cut above the rest. There have been countless productions surrounding the Manson family, but none are quite as on par as this eerily accurate film. Visit the Manson compound and watch “Helter Skelter”. Then, unpack your suitcase as we sift through the items that make up this bizarre case and insane film in Episode 56 below:

Although “Halloween” (2018) has been breaking box office records since its release on October 19th, we decided to take a step back and reflect on the holiday itself. We lured The Owl from his nest to join us on this trip back in time to chop it up about all of our favorite childhood Halloween memories. Fair warning, Bonez and The Owl shared more than many of you may have bargained for! Grab your pumpkin-shaped pales and trick or treat with us through each of our Halloween memories in Episode 57 below:

October on Slasher Radio ended just as powerfully as it began. Our final Tuesday episode of the eerie month featured “Scream” OG, David Arquette! We were thrilled to have “Dewey” on the show to hear about his personal experiences on set as well as behind the camera for his own written and directed film in 2006, “The Tripper“. David was kind enough to give us some insight on his personal interactions with one of horror’s most coveted directors, Wes Craven, as well. He also shared his thoughts and ideas for direction on a potential fifth installment of the franchise! (We’ll hold onto hope for “Scream 5” until the end of time.) We couldn’t let David leave until we mentioned the infamous WCW chaos he fell into. Years later, he’s now in the midst of an actual pro-wrestling career alongside his continued work in the film industry. Muscle up and return to Woodsboro with us and David Arquette in Episode 58 below:

Slasher Radio raised Hell on Halloween and it couldn’t have been any demented. We closed out October with the ultimate horror icon, “Pinhead”, Doug Bradley! The striking, terrifying aura that surrounds Pinhead was flawlessly conveyed by Bradley throughout the “Hellraiser” franchise. We were honored to hear first hand about various experiences of Clive Barker’s creepy creation as well as Doug’s numerous other projects over the years. Not only can Pinhead physically haunt your dreams but he can haunt your sense of hearing with his “Spinechillers” audiobooks. We also touched base on his 1996 paperback book, “Monsters: Behind the Mask of the Horror Actor” in which Bradley himself interviewed many notable masked actors like Robert Englund (Freddy) and Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface), to name a few.

Doug still frightens fans to this day in film work and his most recently released work includes an appearance on Season 2 of “Lore” which is now available on Amazon Prime. He can also be spotted at various horror conventions throughout the year, so keep an eye out and stop by..if you dare! We’re extremely grateful to have spent this haunting holiday with the most sinister horror characters of all time. Hammer out this explosive interview and listen as Pinhead tears all of our souls apart in the Halloween Bonus Episode below:

Stay tuned for more chilling content..we won’t stop until we’re DEAD.

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