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Slasher Radio & the Silver Screen: When Podcast take on the Box Office: Can DC re-surge as a Horror Franchise?

by Slasher Radio

Slasher Radio and its listeners are all about horror. From movies to books and everything in-between we as fans of the genre simply can’t get enough, and with the ushering of movies to hit the big screen this year I am truly excited. With titles like Us, Pet Sematary, and Happy Death Day 2U already released and others such as Child’s Play, IT: Chapter Two, and 3 From Hell on the way, 2019 has already proven that Horror is on the rise. Fans nowadays are also more connected than ever before as well. Social media has brought together so many of us and has allowed the community to not only look forward for what’s to come, but also look back at the classics of horror and keep them alive and relevant more than ever. One of the best things about our community that helps us do that, and part of what the Slasher Radio Podcast is about, are the debates.

Debates such as remakes vs originals, the title for scariest slasher, or the best director/author are what keep the buzz going and the pulse pounding for the genre. One topic of debate we discussed on Episode 65 of the podcast (you can listen below) was whether or not Batman Returns (1992) could be considered a Horror. Being a Tim Burton film with his cinematic style, and an almost 1930’s silent-esque vibe, it’s easy to see how the movie can be arguably classified as such. Also at the time Burton was filming his take on the caped vigilante, Batman was known to be more humorous, and aloof rather than the Dark Knight we know on film today. Burton’s revision of the DC character was inspired by the early 1939 comic book release where Batman is a dark, scary creature of the night who strikes fear into the hearts of criminals. This goes to show that DC comics has always been about the darker and scarier side of entertainment, and now in 2019 the company has actually released a 6 issue series called DCeased which includes variant covers inspired by classic Horror movies such as IT and A Nightmare On Elm St. (See below)

With the current resurgence of Horror in the theaters today I think the DCU could embark on making a few bone chilling movies. Characters like Solomon Grundy, The Scarecrow, and Victor Zsasz would make for an incredible Horror film if done right. If DC were to use their platform of characters behind some of Horrors most notable writers and directors, they could possibly get the upper hand in the cinema against Marvel who has far surpassed them in success on the big screen. As co-host Mikey Bonez has said as an example “Imagine Rob Zombie doing a Harley Quinn back story movie.” Shows the potential of what DC’s platform could do, if the creators are open minded. Horror fans are back in line at theaters finally, and with even more news coming, such as Chris Rock’s rendition for SAW, nothing seems to impervious for the genre.


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