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Shaq Claims He Should Have Been Candyman!

by Slasher Radio

NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal wants Candyman to be even bigger… No, literally. The most dominant player in the history of the NBA admits he would have wanted to rebound the iconic Candyman role himself.

During the latest episode of his hilarious weekly podcast,The Big Podcast With Shaq on PodcastOne starring himself, Atlanta 680 The Fan’s John Kincade, Rob Jenners and Brandon B-Dog Harper, the crew briefly loitered on the horror topic.

At the 37:51 mark of their March 2nd episode Shaq abruptly stopped the conversation to praise Jordan Peele for his contribution on Syfy’s Hunters starring Al Pacino. Jordan Peele, as well as his Candyman co-writer Win Rosenfeld, were executive producers on this project.

Obviously, the praise for Jordan Peele was initially thought to be regarding Candyman, as the trailer for the highly anticipated reboot recently dropped, but Candyman was brushed off by the 4 time NBA Champion. After the acclamation for Hunters, Brandon B-Dog Harper quickly whipped the conversation back by saying “You said forget about the Candyman?!” Shaq then admitted “Yeah, forget about Candyman. Because I should have been Candyman. Yeah, I’m salty.” He then says (half-joking in a way that only Shaq can) “He’s little. We need a big, black, Jason looking mug’ out there stabbing people.”

Although it was never specified if Shaq would have liked to play the role during the original films or in the reboot, the legendary role was originally played by Tony Todd, who stands at a towering 6’4”, but I guess when you’re 7’1”, even 6’4” can seem “little.” That aside, I personally wouldn’t change a thing with the cast of the original franchise, especially Tony Todd being as great as he was, but I wouldn’t mind a glimpse into an alternate universe just to see how different the Candyman character would have been with sky-scraping Shaq as the role. More brutality? Maybe even a ‘Freddy Kruegeresqe’ personality by tapping into Shaq’s natural comedic side? This is all left to our imagination. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Below you can watch the official trailer released by Universal for the upcoming Candyman film:

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