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SCP-096 Fan Film

by EyeRChris
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SCP 096: A fan Short Film
Recently released is a short film based on the article on SCP 096 from the SCP wiki. SCP stands for Secure. Contain. Protect. The wiki is a site of articles about anomilous objects that are deemed too dangerous to remain in the world. SCP-096 is referred as The Shy Guy. Anything that sees its face, whether through up close observation or through direct contact causes it to become berserk and kill anything that has seen its face. Once a subject has seen its face, they have become a subject to SCP-096 and remains active until their termination. SCP-096 reacts violently when something, or someone, has seen its face and nothing can stop its rampage from killing anyone who has seen its face. To date there is no one who has survived it’s rampages.

On Youtube there is a series that documents one of its most prolific rampages that has been recorded. It is a record of when its visage went undocumented and triggered one of the most deadly events recorded in SCP events to date.

To learn about SCP contained objects to date. Please refer to SCPWiki.net/

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