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Retrospective- DOOM III

by William
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It won’t be long before DOOM Eternal hits store shelves this Friday for XBox One, PS4, PC, and Steam. In celebration of this one-of-a-kind gore fest FPS let’s have a look back at the previous installments in the series.

For the longest time gamers were clambering for a new installment in the ever popular DOOM franchise. And after years of rumors and speculation our questions were answered- DOOM III launched for PC in 2004, and this time published by Activision.

The reaction to the reboot? It was lukewarm at best. Many argued that it didn’t bring enough to the next generation beyond updated graphics. Some were against its new horror emphasis compared to run and gun mechanics that made the original a classic.

Like DOOM II it also brought along multiplayer, with traditional mechanics of death match game-play. As fun as it can be to match up with friends online (much faster connections compared to its predecessor) it didn’t bring anything new to the table.

It didn’t bring too much to the series but was still regarded as a solid FPS. And due to it’s graphics being new and superior compared to others the only port that debuted was for the XBox as DOOM III: BFG Edition.

As time went on this sleeper hit in the series can now be played on modern consoles. And who would have thought that this ‘juggernaut’ could be played on your phone?

It’s one redeeming quality? The main theme is performed by Metallica!

Sure it’s a sleeper hit. But if you haven’t played this game you may want to give it a try. The price is well worth the entry.

Tune in as we conclude our classic DOOM celebration with the big daddy of all comebacks!

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