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Retrospective- DOOM (2016)

by William

‪It won’t be long before DOOM Eternal hits store shelves this Friday for XBox One, PS4, PC, and Steam. In celebration of this one-of-a-kind gore fest FPS let’s have a look back at the previous installments in the series.

Following the launch of DOOM 3 it seemed that Id Software had made their mark with the series. Little did we know that something big was on its way…

DOOM (referred as DOOM 2016) was released for PS4, XBox One and PC in 2016, with the Switch release in 2017. Even as the project (then titled DOOM 4) was announced in 2014 not much was known about it. The result? A fan’s dream come true.

The game returned to its run and gun mechanics with an emphasis on action and faced paced combat. This time around a horde of enemies will surround you- a lockdown will occur, and you tear your way through each demon as heavy metal plays in the background.

It’s not a complicated story, and even pokes fun at tropes found in FPS titles and the ongoing grinding system. Plain and simple- yet satisfying as Hell.

At first the online gameplay wasn’t welcomed by fans or critics- only having the traditional death match gameplay. In response Id created the patch 6.66 (clever) to add in Capture the Flag, Demon summons, Beserk mechanics- even arena football.

The game even pays (and plays) tribute to the original series, with plenty of trophies and secrets to find in each level. You can even play the levels from DOOM and DOOM II in 3D with the original soundtrack!

With all the bloody gameplay and online mechanics you’d have to be insane not to buy this game! It’s  price is already discounted for all systems, and will satisfy your hunger for DOOM Eternal. Stay tuned as we have a review for the highly anticipated sequel!

Did you think I forgot? There is one other title that came out…

It was often overlooked. Stay tuned for the Retrospective on DOOM 64!

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