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Ready for a sequel to ‘Killer Klowns from Outer Space’?

by William

That’s right. The 1988 cult classic is looking to make a come back!

Killer Klowns from Outer Space is a hilarious Sci Fi/Horror film that borrows the the elements of the classic 1958 Horror film The Blob. But instead of a giant blob trying to eat and destroy man kind? Clowns! Who doesn’t love clowns?

Watch it now on Netflix!

The Chodio Brothers (Stephen, Charles, and Edward) have been in talks with studios for years on creating a sequel. Even as it was pitched to SyFy Channel it never materialized. Yet it seems that MGM has grown more interest in a sequel. The Funko toy lines and even its own presentation with haunted house at Halloween Nights might just be enough to revive this sequel.

Chiodo told Bloody Disgusting, “We’re really just working with MGM on a way to make [something] happen. They’re eager to make something happen.I can’t say anything is active right now, especially in light of what’s going on with the [coronavirus pandemic], but we’re scheduled to have some conversations with them when we get through our projects right now.”

[A reboot from different filmmakers is] certainly part of the conversation,” Chiodo continued. “Not that we claim to know everything, we do have a pretty unique understanding of how the Klowns operate and what that universe is. We’ve always worked with other filmmakers, other creative people, so we’d welcome the right opportunity to make that happen. There’s a lot of fun to be had with the concept. Like our ‘Trilogy in Four Parts,’ it’s very fun. There’s a certain dark comedy to the original that we were playing with. We love the genre, we’re having fun with the genre, we’re making fun of it, but not because we want to make fun of it, but because we love it and are embracing it. People are responding to that.”

He added, “Hopefully we get the opportunity to play with our ideas, but it would be really interesting…seeing some of the fan art, how they’ve taken it to a new vision, a new direction, maybe a little more visceral than we would ever take it…I think there is a great opportunity to take it to a new level and still honor the original and make it something that resonates with today’s audiences.”


What’s your take? Slasher Radio is excited to hear this news! And be sure to watch the original on Netflix!

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