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New Life In The Dark Universe; James Wan’s Producing A New Van Helsing Movie!

by Nick Venom
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Universal is at it again with their second try at a shared cinematic universe. After their pricey flop using an A-list star that tried to be what Iron Man was to the MCU, they scrapped the Dark Universe idea. However, with the hit that is The Invisible Man, the idea is back on the table.

The Invisible Man has breathed new life into old and classic movie monsters and ushered in a new era for Universal; who have jumped at the chance of producing more hits.

Universal has tapped popular producer/director James Wan (who was the director behind Aquaman and Conjuring) to produce a new Van Helsing movie. This new movie is one of several that are in development which will be “modernizing” their catalog of movie monsters—with The Invisible Woman being one of the confirmed movies with Elizabeth Banks, and Dark Army, attached to the project.  

James Wan has reportedly described the new Van Helsing movie as “an original horror/thriller” which will follow Bram Stoker’s Van Helsing character as the main character of the new movie. For those wondering if there will be any changes to the original character; it has not been confirmed so. Instead, it appears that the character will stick close to the original source material and won’t be soured in any way. 

However, will this new movie follow the past attempt at the character with the Hugh Jackman-led Van Helsing movie? It’s very much possible, but I have high hopes that James Wan and the director in charge of the movie, Julius Avery (who produced JJ Abrams’s World War II horror Overlord) will take the character on a different path and “modernize” him.

With both names participating in the project, it looks to be an interesting take on an old character. Unfortunately, there has not been a confirmed release date for this movie. If there is one, then we’ll report it here on Slasherradio.com, so look out for that article.

Until next time, I bid you all a good day!

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