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New Aliens Shoe Designed By Reebok Releasing On Alien Day Based On PFC William Hudson From Aliens

by Nick Venom

Reebok has announced a brand new limited edition pair for Alien Day (A day that I never knew existed) that is inspired by the Colonial Marines military garb with a color mix of light sand, black, and sandstone. These shoes, the U.S.C.M Bug Stompers, were worn by Ripley in James Cameron’s Aliens. The U.S.C.M stands for United States Colonial Marine and is inspired by Aliens’ protagonist PFC William Hudson and the Marines’ dropship “Bug Stomper”. The shoes arrive in military camouflage, tan, and grey colorway with an asymmetric graphic execution and contrasting yellow and back hits throughout and have easter eggs for die-hard Alien fans. The Bug Stompers were released on April 26th, 2020 for $220.

The U.S.C.M Bug Stompers marks the fourth and final installment of the iconic Reebok and Alien collaboration (A collaboration which I never knew existed).  The Bug Stompers are fitted with the following alongside its colors;


  • The upper part of the shoe is fitted with protective ballistic textile material and has a durable molded rubber window box that replayed Reebok’s Union Jack with Weyland Yutani’s “W” logo.
  • The heel has camouflage that is an exact replication of the one-of-one camo pattern designed for the film’s U.S.C.M fatigues with an “Eyes on Your Back” motif hanging on the right heel which reflects the graphic on the back right shoulder of Hudson’s body armor.
  • The left and right sockliners have a “Death or Glory” skull as well as Weyland Yutanit’s logo and a soldier number.
  • A tactile molded neoprene booties featuring replicas of U.S.S. Sulaco and U.S.C.M.’s Screaming Eagle patches.
  • A transparent hangtag replicating U.S.C.M’s dog tags
  • On the underside of the right forefoot (wherever that is) that reads “Contents Under pressure” as painted on the back on the back of Hudson’s body armor.
  • An extremely cool feature is the unique QR code that’s on the underside of the left forefoot that provides access to the Alien Universe (Another thing I never knew existed) that features unreleased content from forthcoming books such as “The Making of Alien” by Titan and “Alien The Original Screenplay” by Dark Horse Comics.

The Bug Stomper shoes will be arriving in ‘stealth’ packaging that’s inspired by the dropships. Adorned in black holographic foil, the uniquely designed 3D boxes that were hand-made (Which you don’t see as much nowadays) and includes a futuristic camo technology print. Alongside the release of the sneaker, Reebok will release an apparel capsule collection of graphic t-shirts inspired by the film.

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