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Neca’s Alpha Predator Coming To Predator Hunting Grounds

by EyeRChris

Predator Hunting Grounds has launched and brings a lot to fans of the Predator series. With an aged Dutch skin to an internet loved cast of voice actors like MR. SARK. There is a lot of fun for Predator fans. Coming from the minds of Friday the 13th. Predator Hunting Grounds is a love letter to the Predator franchise. And recently announced, another bit of fan love is being added to the game. Neca, creator of high quality action figures, is having their Ultimate Alpha Predator added to the game as a playable skin. The Ultimate Alpha Predator marks the 100th predator of their toy line.

“We have been working closely with the great team at IllFonic. When the opportunity presented itself to allow for the inclusion of Alpha Predator into the game we jumped at the chance. It’s so gratifying to see our original action figure design come to life as a playable character in the game. The whole NECA studio was elated to see the character model and we cannot wait to play as Alpha this Summer”

Will you take the role of the Alpha Predator? Or will you join Dutch and the special forces to take down this hunter from the stars? Hunt for honor or become a sexual Tyrannosaurus Rex this summer!

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