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NECA Announced Its Hundredth Predator Figurine – Ultimate Alpha Predator Limited Ruin!

by Nick Venom
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NECA has announced its hundredth Predator based figure, “Ultimate Alpha Predator”. The Ultimate Alpha Predator figure takes an insect-like appearance and has been confirmed to use the infamous unused original Predator mask. The figure will make its appearance in I11Fonic and Sony’s new multiplayer game, Predator: Hunting Grounds (Something that came out of left field for me). Hunting Grounds allows you to play as part of a 4 person Fireteam, completing missions before the Predator finds you. The game gives you the chance to become the mighty Predator itself. The only hope I have for this game if it’s like Spider Man PS4. 

NCEA has talked about Alpha’s run in the game, explaining “The initial run of the Alpha Predator action figure in the US will see a limited release, with each box (At long as it isn’t a cereal box) including a DLC code. Players on the PS4 system (I wonder if the game will be on the PS5) can redeem the code online to unlock the Alpha Predator in-game… We have been working closely with the great team at IllFonic. When the opportunity presented itself to allow for the inclusion of Alpha Predator into the game we jumped at the chance. It’s so gratifying to see our original action figure design come to life as a playable character in the game. The whole NECA studio was elated to see the character model and we cannot wait to play as Alpha this Summer,” said NECA’s Randy Falk.

NECA has, also, talked about the appearance of the Alpha Predator figure in fuller details, stating that it discards the traditional suit and uses a new attire that, as stated at the beginning, takes on an insect-like appearance. This change is a subtle homage to the original 1987 Predator design. The figure stands at 8’’ tall with over 30 points of articulation including a removable mask, hook, gauntlets, and 3 pairs of interchangeable hands (Why do you need the many hands). The classic weapons—wrist blades, staff, shuriken—have been reimagined to fit the insect theme.

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