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Monstrum Coming To Consoles May 22nd

by EyeRChris

Monstrum, a survival horror game, is coming to consoles on May 22nd. Originally released on Steam in 2015, the game threw players into a ship afloat at sea. Seeming alone, you must figure out a way to escape the ship to safety. But the player is not alone. Stalking the bulkheads Is a monster determined to hunt you down and kill you. The game features Rogue Like elements where there are no checkpoints or continues. If you die, you start over. Learning the monster behaviors, where items can be found, and methods of escape come from trial and error. And even knowing the tricks to survival is not a guaranteed way to victory as a single mistake or a lapse in attention can throw your run into chaos or defeat.

Publisher Soedesco and developer Team Junkfish have stated the game will release digitally on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 on May 22nd digitally. A physical release of the game has been delayed due to COVID-19. So be ready to run, hide, and pray for survival. Will you survive this nightmare at sea? Or will you become just another victim to the thing that prowls the deck of your floating prison?

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