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Michael Myers Action Figure Announced & Features! Pre-order today!

by Nick Venom

Trick or Treat Studio, known for its Halloween masks, has presented its newest line of action figures at this year’s Toy Fair with a 12” tall Michael Myers action figure, selling for $119.99; So for $120. Not sure why they say $199.99 instead of $120 since it’s a penny different, but okay. The Michael Myers is from the original Halloween and can now be pre-order at the following link:

Pre-order yours today and expect it to ship out later this year.

An amazing feature of the action figure is that the figure has 16 points of articulation, a word that I don’t know the definition of, which allows the user to pose the figure in any way they like. Another incredible feature is interchangeable hands, an open hand for grabbing victims (which is terrifying. This toy could be cursed and become the next Chucky) and one for holding a knife, that is included (unlike batteries) which is also terrifying as it puts a weapon on the next Chucky. The figure is fully clothed with an accurate jumpsuit with a working zipper. This figure is encased in a Collectors Box with a flip back window display and can serve as a perfect gift for Christmas or as a birthday gift.

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