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Lee Cronin Hand Picked To Direct Evil Dead Now

by EyeRChris

Bruce Campbell has dropped some information to Empire about the upcoming Evil Dead movie. Hand picked by Sam Raimi and the crew to direct is Lee Cronin (The Hole in the Ground). Lee Cronin was selected to direct and write the upcoming Evil Dead movie titled Evil Dead Now. Much like the darker and blood soaked remake in 2013. Evil Dead Now has been confirmed that Bruce Campbell’s iconic role of Ash will not be in this upcoming film. He states this is in an effort for the film franchise to stand on its own. Offering new heroes and heroines to make the film fresh. While other details about what to expect from the new film have not been revealed. We now know who will be guiding the franchise into the future. It is unknown where Evil Dead Now will fit into the timeline. Will it continue after Army of Darkness or will it be the next story line after Evil Dead (2013)? Fans of The Evil Dead films will have to wait a bit longer for more details. Till then gas up your chainsaw, load your shotgun, and prepare yourself for the return of the Deadite horde.

And while your at it. Why not check out Lee Cronin’s film, The Hole in the Ground to pass the time?

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