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Jason Goes Unrated for Anniversary Collection

by Cory Mason
Friday the 13th Poster

Whispers have been going around Facebook from the likes of director Adam Marcus and actor Vincent Guastaferro about a new Friday the 13th box set! Both alumni of the franchise have reportedly teased a 12-film Blu-Ray box set, just in time for the franchise’s 40th anniversary.

Nothing is official just yet, but Guastaferro, the Jason Lives co-star who played deuputy Rick Cologne, mentioned recording a new running commentary for the sixth film in the franchise. We can probably assume that other films in the set will get a similar face lift.

Adam Marcus also reported that the box set will be the first to include the unrated version of Jason Goes to Hell, which he helmed as director. This will be the first truly unrated Friday the 13th collection on Blu-Ray, and really, it’s about time. The franchise went to Blu-Ray in a set a few years ago, but without the unrated cut of the ninth film, not to mention that set has been off the shelves for quite some time. In all honesty Jason is due for an upgrade.

We’ll keep an eye out for updates as they come. In the mean time, sharpen those machete’s and fish those hockey masks out of the lake and get ready. He’s coming.

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