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It’s a safe bet that the Bayou Butcher will return!

by William

Can’t get enough of The Hatchet? It turns out director Adam Green not only teased future films but also told fans on Reddit they can expect the butcher to leave the bayou swamp in the sequel.

“Given the success of Victor Crowley, it’s a safe bet that we’ll be seeing the Bayou Butcher paint the screen red again,” Green once again teases.

“One of the aspects of the original trilogy that I am most proud of is that the films fit together as one cohesive story, always starting on the very frame that the previous entry ended on. So just like how I had the original trilogy plotted out before we ever shot a frame of the first film, I had several films plotted out before I started shooting Victor Crowley as well.

“The biggest reason that the Hatchet series has remained so strong over the years is that the same key people have been involved with the making of each film,” he adds. “That is incredibly rare in this genre. We also don’t rush out sequels like they are being mass produced on a conveyor belt and my crew and I only come back to the series when we are all truly ready to do so. The secret to how we’ve been able to fall back in love with Victor Crowley all over again each time is that we’ve always put a few years of working on other projects in between making Hatchet sequels.”

Looking forward to more sequels? Ready for more horror in the upcoming series? Let us know!

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