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Horror for a Cause: Terror in the Trench

by Cat Voleur
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If you’re a listener at Slasher Radio, you know we talk about shark movies a lot. Aquatic horror in cinema is underrated and is always a good time. But aquatic horror in books? That’s something the world definitely needs more of.  We also need more people looking out for the delicate ecosystems that sharks live in. Luckily, there’s a solution to both of those problems.

Terror in the Trench releases today! It’s an aquatic themed horror anthology from Dead Sea Press that is donating proceeds to The Shark Trust. It features stories from Laurel Hightower, Kay Hanifen, Joshua Marsella, Thomas Gloom, Mocha Pennington, Nicola Kapron, Nikki R. Leigh, Spencer Hamilton, Matthew Stevens, Megan Kiekel Anderson, Andrew Cull, Catarina Prata, Hannah Hulbert, Craig Wallwork, Jack Harding, and is edited by Jay Alexander.

You can order a Paperback or Digital edition from Amazon right here.

Remember that all of the proceeds (yes, all of them) will go to The Shark Trust, an organization that is working to protect sharks, skates, and rays. You can check their link here for more information or to donate directly.

This is a great opportunity to give yourself chills for a good cause while also upholding the number one rule of Slasher Radio; supporting indie horror.




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