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*UPDATED* GUN CEO States Early Steps Have been taken for a ‘The Crow’ Video Game

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Talks have NOT started for The Crow video game. Wes Keltner of GUN Media cleared up exactly what the beginning process is. Please see below tweet from Wes as well as original article below that.


On Twitter, Wes Keltner (@weskeltner) of GUN Media, creators of Friday The 13th The Game, has started early discussions about acquiring the rights to develop a videogame based on The Crow. Described as a mix between Assassin’s Creed and the Arkham Asylum games. You would stalk the city and its roof tops to hunt down and kill the criminals that have wronged you and the city. They are in the process of acquiring the rights to the franchise. But the idea of a The Crow videogame is very enticing.

Some gameplay element ideas are discussed in the Twitter thread. You could learn new guitar riffs that would work as a form of radar or sonar that would lead you to the criminals you need to hunt down. From there you can deploy your crow to seek out and highlight your enemies. Your health would be connected between your character and the crow. Which, if you watched the film or read the comics, means your health and survivability would be ensuring that your crow is protected and safe while you hunt. While it is unlikely they would not be able to get the rights to the likeness of Brandon Lee. Wes does throw out the idea of being able to design your own face paint. As well as deciding your own death which would determine what starting powers your character starts out with.

All of this is a very interesting idea. The Crow would be a great property to bring into videogame form. And basing the gameplay style off of the Assassin Creed or Arkham games could lead to some exciting action set pieces. What features or content would you like to see? Would you like the character or would you like to design your own character? And…would you prefer it to be based off an existing storyline or perhaps work with the existing comic book writers to design their own unique storyline for the game? The possibilities for potential are here and just begging for the right team to bring it to reality.

Check out the Twitter thread for Wes’ ideas and follow Wes, Gun, and Matt for any potential news in the future!


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