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Friday The 13th To Receive End Of Support Patch

by EyeRChris
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As if 2020 hasn’t been the year of suffering. It has been officially announced that Friday The 13th The Game will receive its last patch of support. This November the game will receive a patch removing the support for dedicated servers and revert to the Peer to Peer connection. It is not all bad as they have also stated that the Double XP, CP, and Tapes will become a permanent feature of the game. So grinding out the levels, perks, and tapes will still be very manageable. So while the game will no longer receive any future support. The game as it is, minus dedicated servers, shall remain playable for the current, and future fan base. So with a solid group of friends looking for a good night of hunting and running for your life. Jason and Camp Crystal Lake will always be there for you. While it is sad to see the end of support for the greatest love letter to the Friday The 13th franchise. What we have gotten and what shall remain will always be something to remember.

No matter any disappointment fans of the series may feel. The love that the community and the developers have shown for Friday The 13th shall always be remembered and appreciated. No matter how much the thoughts of “what could have been” stings. Thank you [GUN] and Illfonic for what you were able to provide the fans.

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