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Friday the 13th Special Episode Recap: Harry Manfredini

by Slasher Radio

As a person with a music-based background, I was thrilled to be able to cross off a major bucket list item recently. For this week’s Slasher Radio episode I scored an interview with one of the most talented film composers in horror history, Harry Manfredini. It was surreal to speak with an icon who shares the same passion for the sounds that bring films to life.

I first found my love for music when taking road trips with my father through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. My dad’s taste in music was as diverse as the mountain range and included every genre under the sun. Although some of his favorite artists were Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, and Lynyrd Skynyrd he didn’t mind listening to my Marilyn Manson albums every once in a while either. In fact, he eventually took a liking to Manson so much that he would attend concerts any time he was near. I never imagined that I’d make music myself, but in the fourth grade, I started playing instruments. Eight years and several competitions later, I gained a new level of respect for music and the dedicated individuals who create it. Harry Manfredini is one of those hard-working and incredibly devoted creators.

Manfredini got an early start as he grew up surrounded by family members who are also musically talented. Luckily for all of us horror film fans, he continues composing incredible scores to this day. His work experience spans across many genres and with over 100 films under his belt, he’s still going strong. Manfredini is the horror hero who brought us the famous ‘Jason is coming’ sound pattern that you hear in the Friday the 13th films, “ki, ki, ki…ma, ma, ma”! Decades later, this small yet powerful segment in the score is still one of the most known sequences of all time.

Not only is his music absolutely beautiful and eerie but his personality and kindness with fans are on a scale all their own. It was heartwarming to conversate with Manfredini whose undying love for music shines through his work in a tremendous way. It was an honor to listen, talk and laugh with such an influential person who has contributed so much to the horror genre.

We’re beyond excited to share this Friday the 13th Special with you.

Tune in for our full episode with music mastermind Harry Manfredini below:

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