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Episode Recap: “Unfriended: Dark Web” (2018)

by Slasher Radio

We took our chances this week as we signed into Skype to chat with 3 cast members from “Unfriended: Dark Web“! Andrew Lees and Stephanie Nogueras spoke with us about their roles and opinions of the shift to digital communication. All the while, we grew concerned of Savira Windyani‘s whereabouts considering the film of topic. No worries! Savira joined us for the second half of the episode, and we’re happy to report she’s A-OK!

The original 2014 “Unfriended” film was produced by Bazelevs Company and Blumhouse Productions while its distribution was handled by Universal Pictures. Proving to be a box office success, Bazelevs and Blumhouse went back to the drawing board to sketch out its suspenseful sequel. “Unfriended: Dark Web” writer Stephen Susco opened a new tab for the story line which nearly broke the internet with its refreshed motives and approach for the next set of victims. Contrary to the paranormal aspect behind the original film, “Unfriended: Dark Web” goes incognito with a human perpetrator. This change removes the previously intangible revenger and replaces it with a real flesh and blood terrorizer. Surrounded by electronic gadgets and computers, we may all subconsciously wonder who or what is watching our every move. These two horror films tackle the sketchiness of the digital age we live in and turns it into a thing of nightmares.

Call up a pal and go see “Unfriended: Dark Web” at the nearest theater before it’s too late. Word has it that there are two different endings being shown on the big screen. Let us know which vicious version you witnessed via Twitter (@SlasherRadio)! Don’t forget to sign out afterwards, and always cover your camera with tape. You never know who may be lurking around on your connection.

Click play and enter the world of the Dark Web below:

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