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Episode Recap: “Slender Man” (2018), Javier Botet (IT, THE CONJURING 2)

by Slasher Radio

Slender Man himself, Javier Botet, crept onto Slasher Radio this week! The original story of Slender Man has been circling for quite some time. Years after the tale hit airwaves, production finally began on the feature-length film based on its account. Unfortunately, the “Slender Man” film reviews have been poor. However, there’s no question that horror fans’ interest in this story sparked a wide release and brought in just over $15 million since its debut on August 10th.

Botet is a vet when it comes to paranormal characters. He’s been in a few blockbuster films like “It”, “The Conjuring 2”, and is set to appear in the second installment of “It” to come in 2019. For those that keep up with “The Conjuring” series, you’ll remember the nightmarish demon from “The Conjuring 2” called Crooked Man. Botet’s work as the creepy creature was a personal favorite in the film and his images are forever scarred into my memory.

Mama is another interesting entity that he played which may be less known than the previous roles but is equally as terrifying. Birthed as a short film, “Mama” intrigued those who witnessed it which led to its feature-length production. If you have yet to see it, do yourself a favor and dive into this incredibly unsettling, very original film.

Get to know the man behind this ghostly characters and hear about his experiences in each of the roles.

Creep around with Javier Botet in Episode 47 below:

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