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Episode Recap: SINISTER (2012)

by Slasher Radio
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It’s arguable if “Sinister” lives up to its name or not. With mixed reviews among the horror community, some defend the film, but others discount it completely. Personally, I stand in the middle as I believe the film has some impressive and original elements such as the snuff film footage. These clips are what sold me on the movie initially as the eerie footage progressed and upped the unsettling feeling with each method of killing. The snuff clip production was done so well that it makes me uncomfortable to watch them at times, but that’s also what drew me in further as a viewer. I truly wish that these clips were longer or that more were included within the story line. This would have made complete sense as in the movie, Ellison finds a decent sized box full of old reels. If only the writers had focused more on the snuff film footage, I believe the pacing of the movie would have flowed better and kept the viewer on the edge of their seat.

Although the snuff clips themselves were terrifying, the music that embodied them ultimately compounded the dread within. Christopher Young composed the chilling score for the film which alternated from ambient horror sounds to segments of odd, repetitive voices and tones. This variation helped change the mood back and forth from Ellison’s family life to the cursed lives of those who ended up in the snuff footage. Kudos to Christopher Young who pulled off the musical transitions effortlessly throughout the entire film.

This 2012 film was undoubtedly greater than its 2015 sequel, “Sinister 2”. If you haven’t seen either of these films, watch the original as a standalone production. Your opinions may differ from ours given in the episode, but be sure to let us know your thoughts! If you don’t…you may end up in the first ever Slasher Radio snuff film. Beware.

Listen to Episode 43: SINISTER (2012) below:

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