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Episode Recap: Gerard John Shaefer (True Crime Case)

by Slasher Radio
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Cruel, inhumane, cold, and calculated are only a few words that describe the subject of this week’s Slasher Radio episode. We were joined by Amber (aka: @damnitbatman) who brought a nightmarish true crime story with her which has forced us to sleep with the lights on since recording. There are plenty of well-known gruesome serial killers, past and present, but none are quite like Gerard John Shaefer.

Coined in the Criminal Investigations’ documentary (provided below) as a pathological pervert, Shaefer proves to be one of the most horrid killers to date. His victims were merely objects that he manipulated and dominated for his own satisfaction. Of course, murderers are known to kill for various reasons, but to kill for one’s own satisfaction simply shows a total disregard for human life. He was known to be cold and nonchalant, but seemed to keep a smile on his face as he recounted his side of the vicious murders. It’s hard to understand the complete absence of conscience that one must have in order to not be fazed by the retelling of their own vile crimes. Strangulation, mutilation, and necrophilia were not outside the realm of Shaefer’s preferences. The actual slaying was not the worst part of Gerard John Shaefer’s wrongdoings – the most shocking deeds happened before or after taking the victim’s life.

Episode 39 delves deep into Shaefer’s past, behavior, crimes, and sentencing so be sure to listen to the full show.

Fair warning: the details of his case can be truly graphic – listen at your own risk!

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