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Episode Recap: Diane Franklin, “Amityville II” (1982) & “The Amityville Murders” (2018)

by Slasher Radio

The widely known 1974 case against Ronald DeFeo Jr. has forever plagued the city of Amityville, New York. DeFeo was tried and convicted for the slaying of his mother, father, and four siblings with a .35 caliber rifle. This murder took the media by storm and influenced the idea behind an entire horror film franchise. Intrigued by the unsettling case, Stuart Rosenberg sought out to make the first adaptation, aptly named “The Amityville Horror” in 1979. Although the film did well at the box office, it received mixed reviews among critics.

Four years later, the second adaptation, “Amityville II: The Posession” was released via Orion Pictures with Damiano Damiani at the helm. The cast involved in this film had amazing chemistry and delivered a very authentic dysfunctional family performance on screen. We were incredibly lucky to have had one of these great talents this week on Slasher Radio!

Originally from Plainview, New York, Diane Franklin, who played Patricia Montelli, graced us with her presence to speak on the nitty gritty of the Amityville films. Not only did Franklin star in the 1982 film “Amityville II: The Possession” but she returns to the frightening family for “The Amityville Murders” film set to release this year. In “Amityville II”, Franklin played the daughter of Anthony and Delores Montelli who were portrayed by Burt Young and Rutanya Alda. Fast forward to 2018, Diane fiercely takes on the maternal role of Louise DeFeo in “The Amityville Murders”. Although she was admittedly overcome with excitement when offered the opportunity to come back for another Amityville role, the new filmmakers are equally fortunate to have an actress from one of the franchise’s founding films.

For those who have seen “Amityville II”, you’ll remember the uneasy situation throughout the entire story. During our time with Diane Franklin, we touched base on the relatable tension among family members that’s displayed in the film. She also spoke openly about the taboo instance of incest in the film that involved her and her brother Sonny Montelli who was played by Jack Magner. The short temper and physical abuse committed by their father is unfortunately similar to that of many households across the country. Not only did I respect the convincing, reality-based family portrayal but I respected the filmmaker’s courage to include the grim circumstance in the movie as well.

Throughout this fascinating conversation we had with Diane about the earlier film, she gave inside details about the upcoming “The Amityville Murders” release. We are honored to have the first hand information from the new Louise DeFeo herself! Slasher Radio has the first, exclusive scoop that even the publicists haven’t been able to release yet. Don’t sleep on this eerily entertaining interview or you’ll be left in the dark.

Listen to the wicked jam-packed episode below to get your Amityville fix:

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