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Doom Eternal: Soundtrack Behind The Scenes

by EyeRChris
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Months ago Mick Gordon put out a tweet to the internet asking for help with the Doom Eternal soundtrack. He put a call out for people to volunteer to come and participate in a heavy metal choir. You read that right. Today we got a bit of the behind the scenes of the results of that request.

Doom Eternal is the second Doom game composed by Mick Gordon who provided the OST for Doom 2016. And if history repeats itself, we can look forward to a soundtrack to rip and tear eternally to.
Doom Eternal is set to release on March 20th, 2020 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia

If you are interested in Mick Gordon’s work you can check out more of his work on digital streaming services by searching for soundtracks he has worked on like Killer Instinct Season 1+2, Doom 2016, or Mick Gordon’s Youtube channel.

For more info about Doom Eternal goto: Bethseda.net

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