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Dead By Daylight New Killer Announced…And Big Knife Goes SCRAPE

by EyeRChris
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Dead By Daylight has announced their new licensed killer and it comes from an unexpected source. The newest killer comes from Silent Hill. The iconic pursurior and creature, The Executioner aka Pyramid Head. Introduced in Silent Hill and holds some memorable scenes from the Silent Hill movies. The survivors are going to need to keep their head on a swivel or face the wrath of a knife that could be described as a slab of steel on a stick. Coming with him to the game is adding a new survivor, Cheryl Mason, and a new level, Midwich Elementry School from the first game.

While it has been some time since a new Silent Hill game has been revealed/announced. Pyramid Head does make sense as the most iconic creature of the series. It would almost be if they crossed over with Resident Evil and didn’t use Mr. X or Nemesis. The announcement has had mixed reactions due to the fact that Konami has more or less shelved the series after cancelling Silent Hills, revealed by the PT demo, by Kojima. Perhaps Konami plans to align a return to the beloved series and try to revive a game that has been synominous with the Survival Horror genre. But only time will tell.

The Dead By Daylight: Silent Hill add on is set to drop this June 20th to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Windows Store. Will you escape your guilt or be punished by them. Only time will tell. Check out the reveal trailer below.


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