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Dead by Daylight Licensed Killer 5/26/20: Overview

by Bonez

Happy Birthday Dead by Daylight!

May 26th 2020 Day by Daylight celebrates it’s 4th anniversary, and in a big way. The survivor game powerhouse has promised a new licensed killer, ‘one that has marked the world of horror since its inception’ and have been very reserved with the details. Rumors have been spreading about the possibility of two new killers and even a new survivor as well. I figured I’d jump in on the guessing game with a list of possible candidates for the open spot on the DBD roster as well as give my thoughts on some of the rumors that have been flying around.


Long Shots

With killers like Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers Ghostface and LeatherFace already present on the game, you’d think Jason would be a no-brainer, right? However, in the world of licensing and business, there are several obstacles in the logistics of bringing this into reality.
Let’s start with the obvious; there has been a mind-fudge of a lawsuit going on between Victor Miller and Sean Cunningham over Friday the 13th franchise rights that we are all too aware of. Even with this there has been some things pushed through into production such as the Friday the 13th Board Game that we reported on last month. Though this lawsuit has put a stop on more films in the franchise as well as production on DLC and further (even already completed) content the Friday the 13th The Game, which also is direct competition to Dead by Daylight. One would think getting any type of licensing approved to bring Jason to DBD would be difficult, if not impossible until all the legalities are cleared up. Another monkey-wrench in the middle of all this is, part of the drawn-out lawsuit drama is what exactly does Victor Miller have rights to even if he won the whole thing? Miller being the writer of only the original Friday the 13th film would really only give him rights to child Jason and Pamela Voorhees. Could this mean Jason as we all know him and love him could be excluded from that whole mess and pushed through as the new Dead by Daylight killer?
This brings me to point two, Friday the 13th The Game. As mentioned before, this is direct completion for Dead by Daylight. Sure it would be a win for DBD to bring F13th’s only killer to their platform to win over the Jason die-hards, but would Friday the 13th really do that? Being an avid F13th The Game player myself, I know several players who play both games and stick around on F13th solely for Jason. I find it hard to believe with the popularity for their own game still so high to spite zero additions to the product that Friday the 13th would give up on this battle so easily. So in the end, I feel Jason Voorhees is the least likely pick.


There hasn’t been much rumored about The Creeper heading to Dead by Daylight but I’ve always thought he just looked right for this game. For anyone who is or was a Dead by Daylight player, you’ll know what I mean when I say the maps just seem to fit him. The color scheme, the dark/dead look. It just seems like appearance wise, it would be a match made in heaven- or hell- for this killer to slash his way through survivors. Even an interesting thought that was brought up with some friends while playing Dead by Daylight, maybe even add the addition of flying to the game? There are several DBD killers that can teleport from generator to generator (which is extremely annoying as a survivor), so why not go all out with this anniversary and add a whole new factor to the game with giving The Creeper the ability to fly from generator to generator? When prompted he could glide up out of sight of survivors view and the killer would be in an aerial view looking down at the map and make his way to his generator of choice. A small time allotted to be in the air could help prevent abusing this feature as a killer but also has a slight downfall as sure he would be able to catch a glimpse of the survivors (maybe make him up really high to where you have to pay attention to be able to see too much detail) but teleporting from gen to gen is instantaneous as to where this would take time and make it so that he cannot just swoop down but must actually land at the desired generator.
Now that I laid out all that and as amazing as it sounds, let’s lay out the downside of this actually happening. The Creeper is definitely on the less relevant end of spectrum. The 2017 Jeepers Creepers 3 (which during the Slasher Radio review was the birth of The Hose which can be listened to here) being a total shit-show didn’t help that cause but even worse the whole Victor Salva fiasco is even worse. I’m not going to get into all of that here but would this alone be enough for beHAVIOUR and Dead by Daylight to want nothing to do with it? Extremely possible.


I struggled on if this should be put as a long-shot or not but here we go. Slenderman! A very, very creepy looking internet created creature that stalks, plays games with people’s mind and kills would be right up the Dead by Daylight alley. For a few months now Slenderman has been rumored to be heading to Dead by Daylight even having videos on YouTube claiming leaked content displaying Slenderman in game. I wouldn’t know for sure but every one of the videos I’ve seen of this all seemed to be fake so not much stock is there for me in that aspect. Also as far as relevance, Slenderman is even lower than The Creeper as previously mentioned, which for such a big anniversary and the high anticipation of this super secret new licensed killer would be somewhat of a let down. The only thing that garners any type of hope for Slenderman comes down to really just two things for me.
First, much like The Creeper, he would look great on the game. Slenderman has a really cool and ommunious look about him to begin with, which really does look great as well as creepy, pretty much anywhere. Second, you could do something slightly different with him as well. Dead by Daylight’s most recent killer addition, The Deathslinger (an original killer), has “a heavily modified, hybrid rifle that replaces conventional ammunition with a razor-sharp spear affixed to a chain”, which is short for a gun that drags your sorry ass to him if he shoots you with it. Slenderman’s long arms could maybe extend? or even just be long enough that he can hit/grab you from an extended distance? Don’t get me wrong, as a player I am already amazed/frustrated with the reach/range of these killers as it is, but if Deathslinger exists, this wouldn’t be too far fetched for Slenderman. I’d think of a Michael Myers/Ghostface stalk abilities with some sort of short-handed Deathslinger ability… Cringe!



Makes Sense

Talk about a ‘Let’s piss Bonez off’ move, but Pennywise is unfortunately a killer that would make plenty of sense for Dead by Daylight to go after. If this was a Tim Curry Pennywise, I’d be all for this, but as we seen with the DBD debut of Freddy Kruger, they will more than likely go for the newer version of these killers… So now that my rant is over, let’s get down to business.
On the relevancy/popularity scale, Pennywise is through the roof. Dead by Daylight already has a clown killer that for the most part, on an ability scale, is average at best compared to what the other killers can do, but is still somewhat popular due to what I’d imagine is just he is a scary clown and who wouldn’t like play a game as a scary clown and slaughter people?!
The 2017/2019 version of Pennywise has an no limit to what they could have him do in-game. Would they go into the morphing at all? Maybe slow him down a little and give him a select few creatures he could morph into to gain some speed as we’ve seen in the movies? I feel like this would also leave the door open for countless DLC options in the future.
In the end, I feel Pennywise would be more of a name-grab than anything else so personally I hope Pennywise doesn’t make his way to the DBD roster but it would definitely be a power-move without question. If this happens, all we know for sure is that damn red balloon will be all over that poor game…

Are we going to see a dimension of hell opened on Dead by Daylight? I think there is a STRONG possibility!
Keep in mind what DBD’s announcement said; “one that has marked the world of horror since its inception.” If this isn’t Pinhead, I don’t know what is! Another factor that helps make this a more likely pick is the Hellraiser reboot being worked on by Spyglass media.  There hasn’t been a relevant Hellraiser movie since 2005 and there hasn’t been a truly meaningful Hellraiser movie since at least 2002 (some could argue 2000). With that being said, what better way to introduce a character from an 80’s franchise you’re trying to resurrect than place him in one of the most popular survivor games out? From a marketing stand point this would make a great amount of sense.

Beyond looking absolutely great floating around DBD maps and it just being flat out fun as hell to play as Pinhead, we’d need a whole separate article to list all the things you could have Pinhead do in a video game. The amount of perks/offerings that could be created for Pinhead alone would be a dream for any game developer. A Doug Bradley (you can check out our interview with him here) depicted Pinhead would absolutely be the way to stay truest to their word of “marked the world of horror.”

Okay, when I say go let’s all say his name three times to make Candyman appear in Dead by Daylight. GO!!!!
This is my horse in the race for several reasons. Our interview with Tony Todd (listen here) made us fall in love with the man behind the hook. Personal reasons aside, Candyman would be the most straight forward as well as obvious pick. A true slasher with otherworldly powers stalking, slaying and HOOKING survivors is what Candyman is all about. A Cabrini-Green like setting would be an absolutely perfect map and would fit right in with the maps Dead by Daylight already has. Not to mention this May 26th date would be just over 2 weeks from the initial release of the new Candyman film which has since been pushed back to September 25th. The promotion for the new movie has spared no expense and has been everywhere and, much like just mentioned for Pinhead, the last Candyman movie was 15 years ago and adding Candyman to Dead by Daylight would be a great way to bring this character to the younger eyes who aren’t familiar with him.
Tony Todd has an extensive history of voice-over work for video games, so this could be a total coincidence but another breadcrumb on the trail is the below Tweet from Tony Todd’s official Twitter account thanking BangZoom for setting him up remotely for two voice-over recording sessions.

I could definitely see Candyman playing somewhat similar to existing DBD killer The Doctor (who I hate with a deep rooted passion) mixed with Michael Myers. I need this to happen! Candyman, Candyman, Candyman!


Honorable Mentions

Art The Clown is for sure in my top three for a Dead by Daylight inception. Amazing look, beyond creepy and with Terrifer 2 in the works, this would make sense from a marketing point of view. What pulls back the reigns for me is, as awesome as Art is, he hasn’t exactly ‘marked the world of horror’ so as excited as I would be, I’m still highly doubtful.
Chucky will probably never happen solely from a logistics point of view but man wouldn’t it be awesome to hear that laugh when he slashes you and watch him drag people around and toss them on a hook?!

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