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Darren Lynn Bousman’s Leprechaun? Yes please!

by Cat Voleur
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What are the two things a director should have before tackling the reboot of a classic horror franchise?

A proven track record of successful scares, and a love for the original in question.

Luckily for Lionsgate, they have a director knocking on their door who meets both of those standards and is ready to tackle the Leprechaun franchise.

Darren Lynn Bousman has amazingly strong cult-followings for some of his previous films including Repo! The Genetic Opera and Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival. Although not considered classics (yet!) both of these movies have the same sort of dedicated fan base that is often associated with our favorite Irish horror franchise.  He’s also found more mainstream success with the three installations of the Saw franchise that he’s directed (along with his upcoming project, Spiral: From the Book of Saw.)

As for his dedication to the original Leprechaun films, his actions speak for themselves. This is not the first time that he’s made his desires to work on the franchise public knowledge.

Here was last year’s tweet:

And the year before that:

And in 2018 he claimed he’d been campaigning for ten years already:

This is the first year Lionsgate actually responded to Bousman, which they seemed to do in a joking manner:


But who else really, really wants to see this happen?

Darren wants the Leprechaun, and fans want Darren to have the Leprechaun.

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