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CHILD’S PLAY TV Trailer Lands for USA & SYFY

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The trailer the upcoming CHUCKY series teasing the series on SYFI and USA. The TV series based on the Child’s Play franchise continues the spree of Chucky. The most kids friendly serial killer from the ’80s. The series that launched in 1988 and has spanned acrosss 7 films chronically the homicidal adventures of America’s killer doll. Soon shall launch as a TV series continuing the story laid out by the movies. The series that first began its life in 2018 is now drawing closer in 2021. One of the horror slasher icons is soon to return to the mainstream of horror iconography.

The TV series will follow if Chucky, the killer doll, turns up at a garage sale and pass on to new owners. With no longer an Andy to drive his motivation to pass his soul too. What new antics will Chucky find himself up to? From a killer doll seeking a new vessel to transfer into to finding a new murderesses purpose in life. How will modern society find itself able to defend itself from such an innocent childish icon.

Check out the trailer below and stay tuned for more information about the TV series coming in 2021 to the USA Network and SYFY.

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