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Blumhouse Productions Announces A Huge Slate of Upcoming Television

by Quentin Norris
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It turns out to be a great week for television news amid all the COVID-19 related news. Blumhouse Productions has announced a whole slew of upcoming television series and docuseries covering a wide range of different genres.

The most exciting announcement is the upcoming Indian horror series, Betaal, which will premiere on Netflix on May 24th. The series tells the story of a remote village attacked by zombie Redcoats led by an undead two-century-old East India Company Colonel. Innocent villagers are caught in the middle while the Counter Insurgency Police Department is brought in to fight the bloodthirsty undead army. Netflix is hosting a YouTube Live preview and chat with the directors and cast tonight at 7:00pm IST, 6:30am PDT. The live preview will be hosted by actor and comedian Rohan Joshi.

The other two big horror announcements are the upcoming additions to the Blumhouse and Hulu anthology series, Into The Dark. The first is Good Boy, premiering on June 12th. The TV movie about an emotional support dog who kills anyone who adds stress to the life of his owner stars Judy Greer and Steve Guttenberg. On July 17th, we’ll get The Current Occupant, which focuses on a man trapped inside a mental asylum who believes that he is the President of the United States. The movie stars Barry Watson and was written by Alston Ramsay and directed by Julius Ramsay.

Other notable series are the Netflix documentary, A Secret Love (Available now), Ethan Hawke’s limited Showtime western series, The Good Lord Bird (August 9th), and the Sundance TV true-crime docuseries, No One Saw A Thing (Available now). 

Since the world is still battling COVID-19 and quarantining is still running strong, it’s good to know Blumhouse has our backs with binging options to pass the time.

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