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AMC Inks Multi-Year Deal With Highlighted Crew

by William
  1. AMC Studios just announced an exclusive, multi-year deal with Rolin Jones (Friday Night LightsWeeds), Gina Mingacci (Killing EyeOrphan Black), and Ray McKinnon (Rectify, Deadwood) to develop a new series for AMC-

“Our writers and producers are the center of everything we do and achieve, and I could not be happier to welcome (back) this massively talented triumvirate to AMC Networks,” said Sarah Barnett, president of AMC Networks’ Entertainment Group and AMC Studios. “Rolin, Gina and Ray are exceptional. I look forward to making incredible television with these brilliant humans, all of whom are incapable of doing anything that isn’t something special.”


“If AMC was a body part, they’d be Carlos Vela’s left foot,” said Jones. “For the next two years I hope to be their sock, shin guard, and cleat. Grateful and excited to be in servitude to the excellent team they’ve assembled.”

“Sarah and her team are some of the gutsiest, most creatively driven and passionate execs out there and they are never afraid to take risks, especially with fresh voices and emerging talent,” said Mingacci. “I feel lucky to continue my relationship with them in this new, exciting way

“As it is a little late for me to realistically consider a career change, I am beyond excited (just below manic) to be getting back into the ‘making up stuff’ business with Sarah Barnett and all the folks at AMC,” said McKinnon. “They embraced my particular slant once before with Rectifywhich played no small part in my decision (and hopefully theirs) to have another go. It’s near impossible to collaborate with someone who doesn’t really get what you’re going for. Sarah did an does and that’s hard to put a value on. I feel very fortunate. Given the times we’re in, it is hard not to be moved, inspired, and appalled into picking up the pen again. I can only hope for a full well.”

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