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A Part of Your Childhood Returns Just in Time – Little Monsters (1989)

by Sheri White
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Most of us are just trying to get through life day-by-day right now. COVID-19, work, bills, having to stay home all day with the kids and WHEN DO THEY GO BACK TO SCHOOL, and having to cook every day since you can’t go out, and, and…

Thankfully, a little distraction is on its way. Whether you watched Little Monsters as a kid, or want to introduce your own kids to Maurice and his gruesome friends, this will be a great way to spend some time eating a bowl of popcorn and M&Ms (what, you don’t mix them together?) while you wrap up in a blanket and block out every horrible current event eating through your brain.

Repeat as often as necessary. All freaking day if you need to. Seriously, OUR BRAINS NEED A BREAK.

Lionsgate will release a Blu-ray with new special features in September as part of Lionsgate’s Vestron Video Collector’s Series. Until then, WEAR A MASK inside public places, make sure you are social distancing when out and about, and wash your hands!

Fun tip: Local craft breweries are a great place to spend an afternoon if they have outdoor seating and food trucks.

Check out the trailer:


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